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3 Books I’ve Loved Lately

By September 10, 2017 Books

1. Take the Key and Lock Her Up – Ally Carter

This is the last book of the series and it was so good! You all know I am a huge Ally Carter fan so this should come as no surprise.

2. The Rest of us Just Live Here – Patrick Ness

This book was so fun to read! It was very relatable especially with how it deals with leaving school and the anxiety of the unknown future.

3. Wayfarer – Alexandra Bracken

I had a really great time reading this book especially as it was the second book in a duology which is not something I get to enjoy often (usually its just one book or a hectic and long series that I read).


Some (interesting) Study Tips

By July 16, 2017 school, studyblr, tips

Ok so basically this post is things that I really need to remind myself because honestly I am a professional procrastinator and I need all the help I can get when it comes to getting my school stuff done.

Give yourself time.

If you leave it to the last minute you are gonna rush and it’s not gonna end up being your best work. Trust me, I have been through this before and it’s not really worth it. If you have time now, start!

Find ways to make it fun for yourself.

If it’s fun you are more likely to actually sorta want to do it. Maybe tell yourself you can have that row of chocolate you have been dying to have after you get through your math homework. Rewards are good. So is putting on some tunes and partying on while studying – make sure that you aren’t too distracted though. Another one that I could work is reminding yourself how good it will feel to be done.

Make a study group

Do it with your friends and keep yourselves accountable with each other.


When all else fails, bribe your teachers to give you good marks…

Jks! Probably not a great idea. In fact I highly do not recommend it. It’s probably a better idea to just work hard and feel good about achieving the mark all by yourself…

Idk man, I think I need a lot of help right now. If y’all have any tips feel free to SHOUT them at me because I probably need it.

Also this post was written while I was actually procrastinating studying so…


Nice things to do with friends.

By July 12, 2017 fun, school, studyblr, tips, tumblr

Hey dudes! I thought I would share the random tumblr posts I have been making on here because I might as well I guess. 🙂 You can pop over to my studyblr here.


Music Favourites Lately

By June 28, 2017 Art, fun, lately

Hey guys! I have been listening to a bunch of great music lately and thought I might share the top 5 artists I can’t get enough of lately.

  1. LORDE: She released her new album Melodrama and ever since I have been obsessed. Im going to see her when she comes to Australia at the end of the year and I can’t wait!
  2. Fall Out Boy: I am awaiting the new album release but in the meantime the two singles that are already out are amazing!
  3. San Cisco: It may only be new to me but I love every song that I have listened to especially the latest album The Water.
  4. The Kooks: I only recently started listening to them but I really love their sound and I especially love the song Westside – its so lovely and it makes my heart happy.
  5. Panic! At the Disco: Ok, so this isn’t really something extremely new to me but how can I not put them on this list – Death of a Bachelor is so good!

My Old Bedroom

By March 18, 2017 fun, lately

I never ended up posting the photos of my room from before I moved so I figured now was as good a time as any.

I feel like I finally got it just the way I wanted right before I moved house. But, although I miss my old room (and I never thought I would say this) I think I actually like my new room better. It’s smaller so I have less room to make it messy and its also closer to the rest of the family so I can hear whats going on around me and not feel as isolated all the time – my last room in the back of the garage so I had two sets of doors between me and the rest of the family.

The thing that makes me most happy is the fact that photos exist (for so many more reasons than just this) because I still have the lovely photos even though it is no longer the same. I guess you could say I get the best of both worlds. 😂

Ways to Explore

By March 9, 2017 lately, tips

Recently I moved to a completely new neighbourhood which has been quite a change. I pretty much grew up in a small country town where I knew where everything was and I could walk to the other end of the town in an about an hour.

Moving to a new area where I am not familiar with my surroundings means that I no longer know where everything is. I used to go out for walks around where I lived to de stress and not feel all cooped up inside all the time. However I now no longer have my normal walking route so I have to make a new one.

How am I going to so that you ask? Well, this brings me to Keri Smith the wonderful author, illustrator and guerrilla artist who wrote the book How to be an Explorer of the World based off this fabulous list she wrote.

My plan is to go out and follow this list to explore my new area in a more creative way. I hope that I can fins a new walking route in the process as well.

Watercolour Experimentation

By March 6, 2017 Art

Here are a few of the pages from my Visual Arts Process Diary from last year. I love using watercolour, I think I’d say it is my favourite medium. I can’t wait to explore it even more, along with other mediums such as ink, and watercolour pencils. You can see the original versions of some of my final works in my Abstract Watercolour Art post. 🙂

Xanameia – Altered Book

By March 3, 2017 Art, Books, craft, school

At the beginning of last year, my art teacher handed each of the students in my class a beautiful old book. However this wasn’t english and our task wasn’t to read it. Instead we were given the instructions to turn it into an artwork – to alter it. That’s how this wonderful project came about, after much thought into what books mean to me and a super cute sketch of an innocent little creature, the idea Xanameia was born. To me Xanameia comes in many forms. It is a name I made up for my imagination and the imaginary worlds I personally create. It is also all of the small acts of creativity that stem from my imagination. You may find it likely that I will use it again in the future as it is an idea I’m keen to continue exploring.

I have a huge fascination for the imagination and how we each have varying perceptions for imaginations. For this work I explored how books stimulate the imagination and if they are especially good, the words can transform into images in ones imagination and pop up right off the pages. My hope is that I can keep exploring this world and developing it through a variety of mediums.

The Edge

By February 28, 2017 Art

Last holidays I went to a great photography workshop with the photographer Tamara Dean. It was super fun and a great experience, so I thought I’d share some of the photos I took on my blog for you guys to enjoy. 😀


Childhood Fantasy / Photoshop Editing

By February 25, 2017 Art

Lately I have been playing around with photoshop, trying to practice and learn how to do more and more things.

Youtube has been super helpful and google is great at answering my quick questions. Again I have been using unsplash photos but I’m happy to say that for these ones I combined one of my own images with one from unsplash.

I was kind of going for a fantasy theme by inserting fantasy elements to places near where I used to live /  where I spent the majority of my childhood, so it represents my playful childhood imagination in a way.