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2018 – An Exciting Year

By January 5, 2018 All, lately, school

I have known for a while that 2018 is going to be an incredibly busy and challenging year. But I also know that there are going to be many amazing things that I will experience, learn and enjoy. To start the year right I watched the fireworks with my cousins and then we headed home (via Macca’s for that midnight snack of course) to watch Iron Man as the clock ticked over into 2018. What a way to start the year!

I have been watching all the Marvel movies these holidays with my younger brother who hasn’t seen them so that we are all caught up for when Avengers Infinity War comes out this year! I’m really looking forward to it.

There are lots of other exciting things that are going to happen this year including turning 18 (whaaattt I’m not ready to legally adult yet), finishing school and completing my HSC, working on a major work for art, leading an art and design group of students at school and of course all of the other fun events that pop up through the year.

One of my most recent ventures that I am yet to share here on my blog is my shop on Redbubble. I have been working on making it just the way I want it and so it was a shock when on Monday I uploaded my latest design – Radiate Positivity and it was picked to be featured on the homepage and at the top of product pages all over the site.

One of the most exciting parts about this adventure of selling my designs on Redbubble is knowing that my artwork is being sent around the world. I have sold spiral notebooks and iPhone covers in Hong Kong, throw pillows in England, kid’s shirts, dresses and laptop sleeves in the United States, t-shirts in Canada and Kenya, stickers to places like Germany, France, and like everywhere else?!

The most surprising one for me was when I was notified I sold a hoodie to some fabulous Australian. My question for you is why now??? It’s like really HOT because it’s the middle of summer! Not complaining though 🙂 I love you random fellow Aussie who is gonna be wearing my positive lil sunshine.

Anyway, that was just a little beginning of the year update for you all. I am planning on lots more to come over the next year including a post all about Redbubble so stay tuned for that one.

Choosing Creativity

By November 15, 2017 Art, tips

This was my first go at abstract expressionism, more than a year ago now. I kinda still love it. It represents a particularly iconic art lesson in which we have one of my more random moods forever immortalised in my art diary. Sometimes it really is worth just letting go and being free to make stuff that you may look back on and laugh at. It’s all a part of the process of creativity and exploration.

Childhood Imagination and Journey

By November 4, 2017 Art, school

Hey guys! Today I am sharing with you all my school art assignment that I last submitted last term. It was my first go at tackling the subject / theme that I am at this point planning on doing for my HSC major work hopefully. I put a fair bit of work into this series (there were a lot more that I did) and these were the best ones that I submitted. Let me know what y’all think. 🙂



100 Days of Productivity

By October 28, 2017 HSC, lately, school, studyblr, tips, Uncategorized

The day before the first week of this term began I happened to see an interesting post on tumblr by one of my favourite studyblr blogs – Emmastudies.

I decided to take up the challenge – to do something productive each day for 100 days. I am up to day 17 and so far have loved it! It has forced me to look realistically at how I am spending my time and what I need to get done for school rather than just winging it. Forming a productivity habit is something I had been meaning to do for a while but obviously being my procrastinator self, I never really got around to it. By doing this challenge with a whole bunch of other people attempting it at the same time over on tumblr with the tag #emma100dop has been a huge help to keep me motivated to get my stuff done. Anyways enough rambling here are the studyblr pictures. 🙂







3 Books I’ve Loved Lately

By September 10, 2017 Books

1. Take the Key and Lock Her Up – Ally Carter

This is the last book of the series and it was so good! You all know I am a huge Ally Carter fan so this should come as no surprise.

2. The Rest of us Just Live Here – Patrick Ness

This book was so fun to read! It was very relatable especially with how it deals with leaving school and the anxiety of the unknown future.

3. Wayfarer – Alexandra Bracken

I had a really great time reading this book especially as it was the second book in a duology which is not something I get to enjoy often (usually its just one book or a hectic and long series that I read).


Some (interesting) Study Tips

By July 16, 2017 school, studyblr, tips

Ok so basically this post is things that I really need to remind myself because honestly I am a professional procrastinator and I need all the help I can get when it comes to getting my school stuff done.

Give yourself time.

If you leave it to the last minute you are gonna rush and it’s not gonna end up being your best work. Trust me, I have been through this before and it’s not really worth it. If you have time now, start!

Find ways to make it fun for yourself.

If it’s fun you are more likely to actually sorta want to do it. Maybe tell yourself you can have that row of chocolate you have been dying to have after you get through your math homework. Rewards are good. So is putting on some tunes and partying on while studying – make sure that you aren’t too distracted though. Another one that I could work is reminding yourself how good it will feel to be done.

Make a study group

Do it with your friends and keep yourselves accountable with each other.


When all else fails, bribe your teachers to give you good marks…

Jks! Probably not a great idea. In fact I highly do not recommend it. It’s probably a better idea to just work hard and feel good about achieving the mark all by yourself…

Idk man, I think I need a lot of help right now. If y’all have any tips feel free to SHOUT them at me because I probably need it.

Also this post was written while I was actually procrastinating studying so…


Nice things to do with friends.

By July 12, 2017 fun, school, studyblr, tips, tumblr

Hey dudes! I thought I would share the random tumblr posts I have been making on here because I might as well I guess. 🙂 You can pop over to my studyblr here.


Music Favourites Lately

By June 28, 2017 Art, fun, lately

Hey guys! I have been listening to a bunch of great music lately and thought I might share the top 5 artists I can’t get enough of lately.

  1. LORDE: She released her new album Melodrama and ever since I have been obsessed. Im going to see her when she comes to Australia at the end of the year and I can’t wait!
  2. Fall Out Boy: I am awaiting the new album release but in the meantime the two singles that are already out are amazing!
  3. San Cisco: It may only be new to me but I love every song that I have listened to especially the latest album The Water.
  4. The Kooks: I only recently started listening to them but I really love their sound and I especially love the song Westside – its so lovely and it makes my heart happy.
  5. Panic! At the Disco: Ok, so this isn’t really something extremely new to me but how can I not put them on this list – Death of a Bachelor is so good!

My Old Bedroom

By March 18, 2017 fun, lately

I never ended up posting the photos of my room from before I moved so I figured now was as good a time as any.

I feel like I finally got it just the way I wanted right before I moved house. But, although I miss my old room (and I never thought I would say this) I think I actually like my new room better. It’s smaller so I have less room to make it messy and its also closer to the rest of the family so I can hear whats going on around me and not feel as isolated all the time – my last room in the back of the garage so I had two sets of doors between me and the rest of the family.

The thing that makes me most happy is the fact that photos exist (for so many more reasons than just this) because I still have the lovely photos even though it is no longer the same. I guess you could say I get the best of both worlds. 😂

Ways to Explore

By March 9, 2017 lately, tips

Recently I moved to a completely new neighbourhood which has been quite a change. I pretty much grew up in a small country town where I knew where everything was and I could walk to the other end of the town in an about an hour.

Moving to a new area where I am not familiar with my surroundings means that I no longer know where everything is. I used to go out for walks around where I lived to de stress and not feel all cooped up inside all the time. However I now no longer have my normal walking route so I have to make a new one.

How am I going to so that you ask? Well, this brings me to Keri Smith the wonderful author, illustrator and guerrilla artist who wrote the book How to be an Explorer of the World based off this fabulous list she wrote.

My plan is to go out and follow this list to explore my new area in a more creative way. I hope that I can fins a new walking route in the process as well.