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A Gold Coast Holiday

By On January 31, 2017

During the week before christmas last year my family and some family friends went on a holiday to the Gold Coast here in Australia. It was a beautiful week full of sunshine, uncrowded theme… Read More


Lost Paradise and Shattered Dreams

By On January 27, 2017

This artwork/sketch was created a while ago when I was processing some pretty crazy emotions. I need to do a more of this kind of sketching to improve my art so I’m… Read More


Rainbow Castle Desktop Wallpaper

By On January 17, 2017

Guys I made y’all a free pretty desktop wallpaper! I found this cute castle picture a while back on unsplash and loved it but decided it was a bit boring and not colourful… Read More


A Fresh Start for 2017

By On December 31, 2016

I’m currently sitting on my couch surrounded by a wall of boxes. In about a week my family is moving house. We are all packed up and ready to go with stacks… Read More


3 Ways To Add Motivation To Your Life

By On April 15, 2016

Lately I have discovered a few fun ways to add motivation to life and I wanted to share them with you all! If you have any other ways that you love to get… Read More


Back To School Masterpost

By On January 26, 2016

Hello all of you wonderful people! Back to school is actually my favourite time of year. You get to buy new school supplies, become motivated to study really hard and have a… Read More


Teen Screen Addiction

By On January 22, 2016

Let me tell you a story… For hours and hours I sat in my bedroom watching youtubers, scrolling through pinterest, looking at the lives of instagrammers and bloggers (comparing myself with them), and… Read More


Blogging – Taking A Break

By On January 12, 2016

Hiiiiiii 🙂 Ok, so this is a bit of a more chatty/ranty post than usual, BUT I am going to be posting again soon about screen addiction and how to overcome it… Read More

Guest Post

Exam Revision Tips

By On November 1, 2015

I have just gotten through exams this year and so I have compiled a list of some really helpful study tips I have been using. Today I am also pairing up with Bethan from Bepbeee… Read More


Why You Need To Use a Notebook

By On October 31, 2015

Shoutout to all ONE HUNDRED of my wonderful bloglovin followers! Finding that out made my day, so thanks again you guys! 🙂 Recently, one thing that has really helped me in all of… Read More