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Xanameia – Altered Book

By On March 3, 2017

At the beginning of last year, my art teacher handed each of the students in my class a beautiful old book. However this wasn’t english and our task wasn’t to read it.… Read More


Back To School Masterpost

By On January 26, 2016

Hello all of you wonderful people! Back to school is actually my favourite time of year. You get to buy new school supplies, become motivated to study really hard and have a… Read More


Tips for Growing Succulents

By On July 12, 2015

I have been loving my succulents at the moment as you may have noticed, so today I thought it would be fun to show you what I do to grow more succulents. Here… Read More


Being Creative Without Screens

By On May 12, 2015

I need your help! When I am at home and want to be creative I go to pinterest or google and search for cute crafts or art to get ‘inspired’ and creative… Read More


DIY Lip Balm

By On May 9, 2015

So last week I had a commerce assignment to create a mothers day product to sell at school. We were put into groups and given a budget of $10 to buy the… Read More



By On April 1, 2015

In my art class at school this term our assignment was to transform a pair of shoes into an artwork with a theme of your choice. I decided to transform my pair… Read More


Tips For Sending Lovely Snail Mail

By On February 9, 2015

One of the best things blogging has given me so far is all the new people I have met over the internet. I love being able to chat to people both from… Read More


DIY Personalised Lunch Box

By On January 27, 2015

If you are like me, you probably don’t have enough money to buy your lunch at school everyday. So you have to pack your own. I used to just take my food… Read More


Pretty School Books

By On January 25, 2015

Hello lovely people! I have finished my annual book covering project! Each year I cover my books differently before the beginning of a new year because it is one of the few… Read More


Friendship Gift

By On October 24, 2014

Recently I was thinking about how my friends and I sometimes have some  tough days when we are pretty down in the dumps, and how much happiness it would bring if you… Read More