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Abstract Watercolour Art

By February 19, 2017 Art

Last year I created these abstract watercolour pieces as a body of work for an art assignment late last year. I loved the process of creating them physically and then transferring them into digital art to further modify the colours and add other elements to them. The assignment was to create a work of abstract expressionism and research other abstract expressionists. It was a highly enjoyable assignment and I might create another post about the planning / process for these works if you guys want. 🙂



Awesome Websites for Students

By February 12, 2017 Freebies, school, tips

Hey Guys!

And another school year has begun. I started school last week and I gotta say so far its been pretty great! I’m in year 11 this year which means I got to pick all my subjects (YAY) but it also means that school is getting pretty serious and I gotta buckle down and work much harder, especially with year 12 and the HSC looming.

Something I discovered that has really been helping me with my study motivation is the online community of students on tumblr called Studyblr. Basically its an entire community dedicated to posting tips and motivational pictures about student life and how to ace it. Here is an article that describes it way better than me 😂

If you’re interested, feel free to jump over to my humble (and definitely not the best) studyblr where I reblog the best posts I find about studying and the student life.

Some other fabulous and amazing studyblrs are:

Elk Studies

The Organised Student


Emma Studies


Recently I also found this other super cool website for Aussie students called Student Edge. It’s a website that is 100% free to sign up to and gives you heaps of discounts codes for some of my favourite stores, tips for getting into uni and how to get the career you want. Here is a link to sign up and if you use this particular one you and I could win an iPhone 7 🙂

If you’re unsure about what you wanna do after school there is a fabulous website called The Cool Career that I definitely recommend you check out as well.

I hope you guys find something here that can help y’all out with your studies – I’m sure you are gonna give it your best shot!

Imagine If I was a Fashion Blogger

By February 8, 2017 Art

Playing with unsplash photos is so much fun because they are free for whatever I want to use them for and absolutely beautiful. For this digital collage I drew inspiration from all of those wonderful fashion bloggers who collage their photos to create fun and creative outfit posts. I am quite obviously not a fashion blogger (there is no way my t-shirt and shorts combos are as sophisticated enough to warrant a post) but I most definitely enjoyed putting this image together so if anyone wants me to be their official fashion collage person just give me a yell, I think it would be the perfect job for me.

Disclaimer: This post was just for entertainment I’m actually way too stressed out with life to be able to be anyones ‘official fashion collage person’ but then again if you’re offering money… 😂

A Gold Coast Holiday

By January 31, 2017 lately

During the week before christmas last year my family and some family friends went on a holiday to the Gold Coast here in Australia. It was a beautiful week full of sunshine, uncrowded theme parks, trips to the beach and heaps of fun adventures.

We didn’t end up going to Dreamworld because the nine biggest rides were all still closed but we did go to Sea World, Wet and Wild and Movie world. My favourite ride was definitely the Superman Escape rollercoaster at Movie World. It was amazing and you go really really fast! I also really enjoyed the Arkham Asylum ride as well. Who knew I would end up loving rollercoasters so much?!

Anyways I hope y’all enjoy the pics from my holiday 🙂

Lost Paradise and Shattered Dreams

By January 27, 2017 Art

Lost Paradise + Shattered Dreams

This artwork/sketch was created a while ago when I was processing some pretty crazy emotions. I need to do a more of this kind of sketching to improve my art so I’m hoping that by posting it I get more motivated.

Here is the inspiration page and another sketch from my sketchbook for this piece – I got the images from a Frankie Magazine.

I have really been enjoying listening to The Kooks on spotify lately. I tend to go through random phases when it comes to the music I listen to and so I like to document them in monthly playlists on spotify. It’s fun to look back on the music I was loving this time last year and how my taste changes over time.

Just a random update because I’m in my mums office and have wifi. (I don’t yet have internet in my new house and it’s slowly killing me. 😂)

What music have you guys been listening to lately?

Rainbow Castle Desktop Wallpaper

By January 17, 2017 Art, Freebies

Guys I made y’all a free pretty desktop wallpaper!

I found this cute castle picture a while back on unsplash and loved it but decided it was a bit boring and not colourful enough for me so I painted a rainbow over the top in photoshop. Figured some of you guys might be interested in it as well so I thought I’d share.

Feel free to download it and make it your wallpaper if ya like it 🙂

A Fresh Start for 2017

By December 31, 2016 lately


I’m currently sitting on my couch surrounded by a wall of boxes. In about a week my family is moving house. We are all packed up and ready to go with stacks of boxes piled up in our living room. It is such an odd feeling sitting here in this house that is soon not going to be my home anymore. Who knew we had so much stuff!

To be honest, I am really excited about moving. I get to decorate a new room and have a fresh start. I’m hoping I can make a new routine to help with my productivity in the new year. I want to create a positive environment for myself so I can really thrive in 2017 and study hard for Year 11.

Hopefully with a new environment I will create more art and blog posts especially given the lack of attention that this has been given over the last year. Thats my goal anyway.

Bring on 2017!

3 Ways To Add Motivation To Your Life

By April 15, 2016 fun, school, tips


Lately I have discovered a few fun ways to add motivation to life and I wanted to share them with you all! If you have any other ways that you love to get yourself motivated tell me in the comments below and we can chat! 🙂


If you use Google chrome I highly recommend momentum. Basically it changes your new tab page to an inspiring picture that changes daily so you have fresh inspiration every morning. It beautifully displays the time, welcomes you by name and has a place for you to write your main goal for the day. It is very sleek and has a pop up section for you to write your to do list. I love how customizable it is and how minimalistic and fresh it is. It definitely motivates me to get my stuff done every time I open a new tab.

Collaged Wallpapers

Something fun I did recently was create a collage for the wallpaper of my laptop. This can be extremely motivating because it can be your favourite quotes and images. First collect all off the images that you want to use (I collected them on pinterest so they were all in one place) then save them onto your computer. Then open picmonkey and take a screenshot so you know the dimensions of your screen. Load the screenshot into picmonkey, position all of your pictures on top of it until you are happy with the design and save it onto your wallpaper. Yay! You now have a fabulous wallpaper!

A Goals Pin board

My friend Brianna created this post talking about how to set goals and keep them. One of the great things she does is put up all of her goals on her pin board so she can be reminded of them daily. She made them beautiful by writing them all pretty lined flashcards and they look fabulous and are seriously motivating. Check them out here.

Let me know any other things that you guys do to stay motivated. 🙂

xx Brittany

Back To School Masterpost

By January 26, 2016 Books, craft, fun, lately, school, tips, treats

Hello all of you wonderful people!

Back to school is actually my favourite time of year. You get to buy new school supplies, become motivated to study really hard and have a fresh start.

This year is going to be an especially fresh start for me because I am going to be starting at a new school, which is super exciting! I am hopefully going to learn SO many new things this year and have a bunch of fun new experiences. Obviously I am kinda nervous, but you would expect that right?

Since it’s been a while, and I am super proud of the hard work I put into my back to school posts last year I am going to begin this years worth of posts with a recap of last years, as I think they were pretty awesome! I also added in all of the other posts I have made that are helpful for during the school year. 🙂

I hope that you may have found this little collection helpful for getting in gear for the new school year. I had fun gathering these together for you guys!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite post is!

xx Brittany

Teen Screen Addiction

By January 22, 2016 tips


Let me tell you a story…
For hours and hours I sat in my bedroom watching youtubers, scrolling through pinterest, looking at the lives of instagrammers and bloggers (comparing myself with them), and wasting my time reading about silly things including whatever was latest viral trend.

I would spend half of the night (when I was supposed to be sleeping) on my phone staring at the screen. I would feel angry and frustrated whenever I was not ‘connected’ to people via the internet. I just wanted to spend all of my time on the internet because what if I missed something important? I knew how bad this was for me but I kept doing it because I was literally addicted.

Not getting enough sleep made getting out of bed in the morning feel almost impossible. I would be up at midnight crying because I felt like I was wasting my life away (and I kind of was) but, what I would be doing at the same time the next night? Yep. I was on my phone. I am not even kidding.

I thought that being on the internet meant that I wasn’t missing stuff (I mean, I was online for nearly all of the monumental twitter trends).

In reality I actually was missing a lot of things. Spending time with family, helping cook dinner, going out with friends, being creative and doing art, sleeping and heaps more. But I wasn’t satisfied until I got my next dose of screens. It was like reality had become less real and the internet had become my reality.

I want this year to be a different story.

So I have decided to work on a few ways/techniques to gain better self control when it comes to screens. Just so you know, this is a work in progress. I don’t have all the answers. I am choosing to learn and grow while chatting to you guys about what helps me.

Make your bed a sleep only space.

Like I said, I used to spend hours laying in bed on my phone which was absolutely terrible! I recently got a really nice couch in my bedroom, which is perfect because I can limit my phone to the couch when in my bedroom and make my bed a no go zone till I am sleeping. I have successfully done this for almost a week now and it has been working great for me. Another option is to plug your phone in at night in another room. This way you are not seeing all of the notifications and getting tempted late at night to check them.

Limit the things you have to scroll through.

Something that has helped me get less sucked into spending hours online is unfollowing and unsubscribing to all of the random things I am needlessly following. Go through all of the people you are following on social media and unfollow all of the accounts that a) you don’t remember seeing in your feed or following in the first pace, b) anyone who uselessly spams your feed and c) any other accounts you can bear to stop following.

Maybe you are following a blogger on every social media and getting the same updates on every account? How about limiting the amount of times you are seeing that by only following them on one account. You can still get the update, just not a million times.

Another thing that really helped me was to unsubscribe to everyone I was subscribed to on YouTube so I don’t feel like I have to watch a heap of videos whenever I open YouTube, but I still can search for a YouTuber if I need/want to.

Find more productive ways to use your time.

A tip I was recently given was whenever you remember to get off screens or can’t think of anything to do other than screens was to write a list of anything and everything you want to accomplish in life big or small. Then, instead of going on your phone to stop being bored, work toward one of the things on your list. You will feel like you are being more productive with your time and you won’t be on screens. Often just starting something will give you the momentum to keep going on with other things instead of going straight back to your devices.

Understand That It Is Going To Take Time

This kind of problem is not going to be fixed in a heartbeat. It is going to take time, and the sooner you understand this the less disappointed you will be. Spending a lot of time on screens is simply a habit. Habits take time and hard work to change. I was recently given a metaphor that pretty much well sums up this. You created a grand canyon (your habit) by digging a hole shovel by shovel. To get the grand canyon to go away you need to fill it back up, shovel by shovel. What you put in is what you get out. Make sense?

Ask for help from your parents.

I know this may sound kinda strange, but most of the time our parents are there to help us grow and become better human beings. I am sure that they would love to work with you to reinforce the boundaries you set up for the amount of time you spend on screens. Maybe ask to sit down and have a conversation about it with them and come up with a plan of attack on decreasing the amount of time spent on your devices.

I hope you find some of these tips helpful and if you know any other ideas that help you out, leave a comment below and I would love to hear from ya! Best of luck!

xx Brittany